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For the remainder of 2019, we are sharing FREE, royalty-free samples every week. From melodic analog synth compositions & unique ambient textures, to twisted modular one-shots, unique drums & percussion, we hope to bring something unique and inspiring every week.

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Iterating on the sound and style introduced in Pink Cloud Summer, Blue Cloud Winter doubles down on the expressive, airy guitar based compositions. Beautiful granular textures, chilling synths, dreamy leads, emotive chord progressions; all used with creative guitar processing and manipulation to set the perfect sonic landscape to reflect on the winter season. Sampling and manipulating this source material allows for a huge range of use - fitting for many styles and sounds. Particularly, these samples inspire alternative R&B, lofi hip-hop, and downtempo electronic vibes - but can be bent and repurposed in many creative ways.

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Sistine Sound_PCS Cover [Final] 1000x1000.jpg

Pink Cloud Summer is a collection of over 30 guitar-based melodic compositions that serve as a dreamy reflection of summer 2018.

Consisting of over 30 loops, the pack ranges from melancholy, dreamy guitar musings, to beautiful atmospheres, lush textures and evolving leads. This library is a gold mine of material to sample and manipulate. These sounds can be used in a range of genres, but they are especially fitting for alternative trap/R&B, lofi hip-hop, and downtempo electronic.

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